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Home textile:Transformation and Upgrading period范文
There’s no doubting that year 2015 is a very special year as a cross-point from “the 12th FiveYear Program” to “the 13th Five-Year Program”, impacted by the new nor
Shaoxing:China Textile City范文
China Textile City, located at Yangtze River delta and founded in October 1988, is the worldrenowned textile-specific wholesale market in China for the largest size
Fujian Xin Gang Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.范文
Fujian Xin Gang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of one hundred thousand square meters in Changle city, is a manufacturer of the most varieties of mult
Shandong Rifa Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.范文
RFJA20 Airjet Loom Shandong Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has been in consistent pursuit of providing users with high-quality and humanization-oriented weaving e
Linyi DoMore Textile Technology Co.,Ltd.范文
DoMore low torque yarns are to create greater value-added space for the customers. 40% increase in production efficiency. Saving of 335 KWH electricity in producing
日前,由中国纺织工业联合会“联合舰队”倾力打造的涵盖纺织行业上下游全产业链的秋季联展在国家会展中心(上海)落幕。期间,作为展会的重要活动,“2015中国国际面料设计大赛”(以下简称设计大赛)、 “2015中国国际面料创意大赛”(以下简称创意大赛)颁奖典礼隆重举行。两项赛事均由中国纺织工业联合会主办,中国纺织信息中心、国家纺织产
Homemade textile equipment:A win for excellence and precision范文
The manufacturing level of the knitting machinery improves, with respect to the circular weft knitting machine, flat knitting machine, warp knitting machine that al
Qingdao Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.范文
Founded in 1920, Qingdao Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (QTM) is one of the biggest machinery manufacturing enterprises in China and the first one to pass the ISO9001

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